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National Parc les Ecrins


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High in the French Alps, on the edge of the National Parc les Ecrins and just 5 minutes from the Route Napoleon, you will find this wonderful place for your overnight stay. Or how about several nights, because the area invites you stay and see a lot of beautiful things. On the 'Activities' page you will find the many possibilities this area has to offer.

Villard Trottier and surroundings

Villard Trottier is located in the Hautes Alpes department, on the edge of the National Parc Les Ecrins and situated between Grenoble (90km) and Gap (15 km), just 3 km from the beautiful Route Napoleon. The hamlet belongs to the municipality of Saint Bonnet and Champsaur. Pay attention: there are more than 30 "Saint Bonnet's" so the addition "en Champsaur" really has to be added. It is a very small, cozy town with a regional function where you can still find real French bakers, real artisan butchers, but also two generous supermarkets. There are two bars with a terrace, various restaurants and a pleasant weekly market, all just a few minutes by car from our B&B. Or you could walk there and enjoy the beautiful sights.


It is hard to describe how beautiful it is here. Summer, Fall (so surprisingly beautiful!), Winter and Spring; every season delivers the most beautiful pictures. Whether you stay below or walk to the 3,000 meter high summit, the overwhelming nature moves you time and time again.

  Champsaur Valgaudemar in de winter:   

Champsaur Valgaudemar in de zomer:


About the climate: because our B&B is located in the high mountains, there is a mountain climate here. That means that we often have snow and frost in the winter and in summer the evenings can be chilly. The influence of the Mediterranean climate is very noticeable, we have on average 300 sunny days a year. Even in the winter we regularly have lunch outside.