Bed and Breakfast MaisonNel
National Parc les Ecrins

In the summer of 2015 we bought the old and robust natural stone farmhouse in the hamlet of Villard Trottier in the southern French Alps. The breathtaking view, the location facing south, the tranquility and the fantastic climate we got for free.

 Since then we were able to be here almost every school holiday, several times a year. This was possible because Els worked in secondary vocational education and Henri had his own business as a picture-framer.

 We used the holidays to work on the house, which was habitable, but not yet very comfortable. In between fixing up the house we have spent our time here hiking, cycling, swimming and skiing. Each time we found it more difficult to leave this wonderful place behind and go back home. We had a good life in The Netherlands with our friends and family and work but the house here in Champsaur always beckoned for us to come back.

 So in the summer of 2018 and have settled here permanently and set up our Bed and Breakfast. Henri also has a small frame-shop. We would like to share the beauty of this environment with you, starting in May you are welcome at B&B Maisonnel, we look forward to your reservation!

 Henri and Els de Goede